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engine repairs and overhauls

Our mechanics underwent official Rotax training and we can offer you complete maintenance services for your engine, focusing particularly on complete overhauls and major repairs. 

Some of our customers send us a used 912 UL that has reached TBO, and we perform the overhaul and turbo kit installation, which makes for a very good deal!

Contact us with your request and we will be back to you in a breeze!

OEM customization packages

We aim to provide aircraft or gyrocopter manufacturers with a premium OEM service, adjusting some customized parts to fit some customer constraints (like space in the cowling or exhaust position), or airbox shape. It is about minor changes, in addition to eventually the production of specific engine mounts, but the idea here is to work out a very positive purchasing experience and allow our customers a very straight forward installation of our engine, which is delivered with everything pre installed. We know this saves you money, time, and makes your life easier. We are OEM producers at the same time and we know what you expect and demand for a long term cooperation. We are by the way conversant with common CAD softwares. Contact us today and tell us about your project! 

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