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Vz   POWER 120HP 


Finally a ready to install, proven, guaranteed, correctly priced turbocharged engine to bring your performance to the next level!

This is our standard conversion of the 912 UL, available as a complete factory new ready to install engine, or as a kit of components to perfom the installation yourself. 

Ideal for homebuilders, ULM or LSA manufacturers alike!


You are getting  here a real dyno power of 120 hp with a linear output (the turbo is always engaged), not the step on the power curve typical of the 914. And best of all, you have all the needed thrust at doesn't matter what altitude, with a faster and more direct response!


Reliable for us means something that is proven, with the time and different type of installations. It is not theory, but practice. It is not the result of a dyno test, but of the experience and feedback of around 100 flying machines equipped with it (gyrocopters and three axis aircrafts). 

This allows us to offer 1500 hours* TBO and a 2 years warranty. 

*(following fleet experience it will increase).


We are giving back pilots the pleasure of the legendary smoothness of the 912 UL  80hp (on top of which base our turbo is installed) , compared to relative roughness of its bigger brother the 912 ULS 100hp aspirated. Cold starts are a breeze again. Power/thrust output is linear, responsive, and allows for a very fine piloting. 


Reliability comes in part from simplicity. And here we are the winners. The absence of added electronics, no use of a TCU, will make your mechanic think he is in front of a standard 912. All internal components are the same of the original 912 (same bore, stroke, compression). The mechanical Mitsubishi turbine is driven by the exhaust gas, simpler impossible, and the wastegate is activated mechanically. Maintenance is as easy and intuitive as for an aspirated engine, being still built with a "mechanical" approach and not electronical (compared to the 914 or any fuel injected system). Ideal if you operate far away from an official  service center, and if you are a strong believer that simplicity is normally the way to follow, as we certainly think.


Best of all, all the above comes in a 71,20 kg package, which makes at least 1kg lighter than a 914 (our weight is intended for the engine complete, with exhaust, air filter, airbox, turbine, carburators, engine mount...), and 3 kg heavier than a stock 912 ULS 100hp!


We have obtained the DULV certification for this engine configuration, proving the quality of design, of manufacturing, and the its reliability. This allows any ULM manufacturer to certify and sell its aircraft or rotorcraft with our engine as standard installation in Germany (and consequently in some other countries as well). 


Being all CNC milled and TIG welded parts produced in house, we can offer to the market the best value for your money! You will not find a cheaper 120hp engine, and also not a lighter one. Depending from the countries, our complete ready to install engine costs like a 912 ULS 100hp aspirated or slightly more, and is by far at a lower price tag than the 914, still offering more power, more dependability, and less weight!


Max RPM                                                    5800rpm

Power output at 5000 rpm                        95hp – 69kw

Power output at 5500 rpm                       105hp – 77kw

Power output at 5800 rpm

(max 2 minutes)                                          120hp – 85,5kw

Max torque 5000rpm                                148 Nm

Max MAP, take off                                     41 HG

Max MAP, continuous                               38 HG

Max CHT                                                    100°C

Min Fuel pressure                                      0,20 bar

Normal Fuel pressure                                0,25 / 0,30 bar

Max Fuel pressure                                      0,38 bar

Min oil temperature                                   60º C

Max  oil temperature                                 100° C

Max oil pressure                                          7 bar

Min oil pressure                                          1,8 bar

Max fuel consumption                                35 l/h at 5800rpm – 120hp (as 914)

TBO                                                             1500 hours

                                                                      following fleet experience will increase

Warranty                                                      2 years against manufacturing                                                                               defects.


The turbo kit includes the following items:

  1. Airbox with tubings and oil pump pre- assembled

  2. Turbine with KN air filter

  3. Complete stainless steel exhaust with pipes (4 in 1)

  4. Rotax oil pumps (1 standard + 1 for turbine)

  5. Fuel Pressure regulator

  6. Two Pierburg fuel pumps

  7. High pressure lines and fittings

  8. Engine mount

  9. Carburetor jets



Eduardo Gutierrez, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Just Aircraft SUPERSTOL builder and owner

"I'm so satisfied with the first Vz POWER turbo engine which I installed on my Just Aircraft SUPERSTOL, that I'm currently upgrading my Fisher Horizon from the O200 to the same engine"

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